Heating in Argyll

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Heating in Argyll

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Samborek’s are approved installers of Grant UK oil-fired boilers, and Worcester-Bosch gas-fired and oil-fired boilers.  If you are confused with which type of gas-fired boiler to choose, Worcester-Bosch explain the different types here.

Best of all, come and speak to us and we can help you decide which boiler will best meet your requirements!

Central Heating

All our central heating systems come with a room thermostat, 7-day programmer, cylinder thermostat and thermostatic valves on each radiator. This means you have full control of the system, so no wasteful heat loss!

If fitting a new boiler to an existing system we would recommend a Power Flush of the system. This removes sludge from the radiators and pipes, which would otherwise reduce the efficiency of the boiler. It also increases the life of the whole system, and reduces the risk of heating failure.

Underfloor Heating

This is pipes under your floor with warm water passing through them which heats the floor. These can be heated by oil, gas or a heat pump and means there are no radiators on the wall.

We tend to use Emmeti Pipework and fittings. It is always better to stay away from the cheap stuff as these pipes will be buried in cement for the next 100 years or so.

Underfloor heating is most effectively installed when doing a new build or extensive renovations.

Boiler Service Department

We have a highly skilled and qualified department that deals with calls per day for breakdowns and servicing.

One of the many challenges in the geographical area we work in is the number of different manufacturers of boilers that we have to repair and service.

This can be a huge problem sourcing parts, however we have a supplier that we have dealt with for 40 years who have many years of experience and supplying to the Heating Industry.

Gas/LPG/Oil Servicing

We have vast experience in installing oil and gas systems and now heat pumps. The fact that lots of people think that oil and gas are going to be banned is just not true as this is for new builds only.

There is a huge push and a lot of talk with regards to heat pumps and unfortunately this is when you get the con men coming out of the woodwork from outside the area giving false information and installing them supposedly cheaply but incorrectly so rather than lowering your heating bill will in fact increase them.

When fitting heat pumps our preferred manufacturer is Panasonic and most of our heat pumps are coated with Blygold Coastal Covering to protect them from the salt air, this is especially important in the Argyll area.

However, within the next few years there is going to be real problems as these cheap installations will start to break down and they will be looking for local contractors to repair them.

We only use Grant Oil Boilers and Worcester Bosch Oil and Gas Boilers and are accredited installers of both which enables us to give warranty’s of between 7 and 10 years.

There are certain things we always do when upgrading a boiler or new boiler install:

  • We always Power Flush the existing pipework and radiators using a powerful flushing machine.

  • We always upgrade Thermostatic and Lockshield valves.

  • We fit a room stat and cylinder stat if required.

  • We fit a Magnetic Filter.

  • We fit an RCD to the system.

  • We fit a Programmer.

  • We add inhibitors and insulate pipework where necessary.

*These are all requirements under Building Control Regulations.

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    Excellent service from Samborek, our insurance company Direct Line couldn’t get a heating engineer to us despite us having the cover, we were without heating and hot water for nearly two weeks due to inadequate service from Direct Line. Luckily Samborek came to the rescue and fixed the problem.
    A very friendly service.
    Thanks Samborek.

    Mark Sutherland, Carradale

    First class service covering all heating and plumbing issues, including a private water supply, during the seven years we resided in Lochgilphead. I can’t speak highly enough of Alex and his team and will miss them now that we have moved away.

    Andy Bell, Lochgilphead

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